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DDB Ep. 203 Punch Fest

In episode 203 of Denton Dallas and Beyond , we review the latest brawls, BBQ, and sushi in the Denton area. We finish out the section with a review of the Eastside Check In Party. In the Dallas segment, we talk about a Fort Worth brewery:-)  We finish out this part…

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DDB Ep. 202 You Ain’t Smart

In, episode 202 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we back track on the Day of The Dead festival and the nuances of that event.  From there, we move to the gambling event in Denton over New Years Eve.  We finish out the Denton segment with a review of Corey Coleman’s Red…

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DDB Ep. 201 Ham Hole

In episode 201 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we discuss the Chili’s debacle and review the major sweep of musicians from Denton being nominated for the Dallas Observer Music Awards.  We finish out the Denton segment with information regarding the Denton Convention Center and the closings of Earthwise and Old…

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Welcome to our travel and resource podcast for those eternally hip, young at heart and needing a leg up on the happenings of the Metroplex and beyond. Each week Sparkles, Edwin and I will take you on a tour of restaurants, bars and local events that have caught our interest.

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