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DDB Ep. 188 New Zealand

In episode 188 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we review Roux’s recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.  Get ready for a in-depth trip report of Hobbiton, glow worms, my dolphin encounter and hands on sampling of local wine and beer.  When we say this is a comprehensive report, we…

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New Zealand

When you think about adventures, many images can be conjured up. From Indiana Jones running from a boulder, quiet time fishing on a secluded beach and all things in between might come to mind.  Now, I certainly don’t see myself as a rugged caution to the wind kind of traveler.…

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DDB Ep. 187 Peachy Keen

In episode 187 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we discuss peach picking, comedy festivals and the upcoming Kevin Smith event at the Murchison.  In the Dallas section of the show, we review the best DFW used book stores. As we head Beyond, Edwin entertains us with cool pool options in Las…

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