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DDB EP. 275 Dilla Discussion

In episode 275 of DDB, the crüe breaks big news about the Back Yard on Bell space. We also address the latest openings and closings in the Denton area. As we head to Dallas, it’s all about DFW’s new routes and how to maximize your flight value. In the Beyond…

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DDB Ep. 274 Red Bull Run

In episode 274 of DDB, the Crüe discusses a few of the latest openings and closing in the Denton area. Next we give a break down on the past week’s party planning and festivities. In the Dallas section, we review Fort Worth…of course. As we head beyond, it’s all about…

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DDB Ep 273 Grass Holes

In this weeks episode of DDB, the crüe gets down and dirty with a local treasure hunt. Sparkle’s continues with hard nosed reviews of Cafe Brazil, Thai Squared and Cheddars. Edwin finishes up the Denton Segment with information on Armadillo’s new beer club and Steve’s Wine tasting. As we move…

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Denton Dallas and Beyond

Welcome to our travel and resource podcast for those eternally hip, young at heart and needing a leg up on the happenings of the Metroplex and beyond. Each week Sparkles, Edwin and I will take you on a tour of restaurants, bars and local events that have caught our interest.

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