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DDB Ep. 257 Tobacco Heist

In episode 257 of DDB, the Crüe explores the underbelly of the denton tobacco and pizza cartel. After a few bathroom reviews we move to the upcoming crawfish boils, She Rock, Saint Patricks day parties, Thin Line Film and Music Festival and Golden Boy Coffee Company. As we head to…

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DDB Ep. 256 Poop Deck

In episode 256 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we review Pringles cocktail ideas, new liquor store hours, high quality ramen and Poké. We finish up the section with a discussion of the soon to open Golden Boy Coffee Company. In the Dallas section of the show, Sparkle’s educates us on…

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DDB Ep. 255 Cone Owners

In episode 255 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we discuss star gazing, snow cones and bagel goodness. From bagels, we move to open mic nights and gyros. As we head to Dallas, it is all about wonderful music, secret Raman and cigars. In the Beyond segment we talk about the…

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Denton Dallas and Beyond

Welcome to our travel and resource podcast for those eternally hip, young at heart and needing a leg up on the happenings of the Metroplex and beyond. Each week Sparkles, Edwin and I will take you on a tour of restaurants, bars and local events that have caught our interest.

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