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DDB Ep. 210 Bummed Out

In episode 210 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we begin with a little weird Denton news.  Sparkles then provides us with the latest and greatest learning opportunities in town.  We finish out the Denton segment with a discussion of the newest grocery store coming to downtown and a new supergroup…

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DDB Ep. 209 Thin Line Preview

In episode 209 of Denton Dallas and Beyond , we get the inside scoop on some of the new and exciting aspects of the upcoming Thin Line Film Festival.  This multi day, multimedia event is free to the public and is sure to provide some amazing entertainment.  The festival runs from April 19-23rd…

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DDB Ep. 208 Cuba Part two

In episode 208 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we discus the outskirts of Cuba and focus primarily on the farm lands of Pinar Del Rio. In this bucolic area of Cuba, we witnessed true beasts of burden making the land produce for the people.  We also noted the humble nature…

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