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DDB Ep. 199 VIMFP 2016

In episode 199 of Denton Dallas and Beyond,we provide you with the the audio from our live show during the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic.  This was an absolutely amazing time, and we want to thank Chuck and Hunter for organizing this amazing event.  Check out the other awesome podcasters that performed:…

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DDB Ep. 198 Not So Welcome

In episode 198 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we take a walk through the wild side of Chilies and talk sub-pro dining options in the area.  We close out the Denton section with a discussion of Bloody Mary challenges and high quality pizza.  In the Dallas segment, we review Great…

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DDB Ep. 197 VIMFP Prepping

In episode 197 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we talk to the head tripper about the upcoming Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic (October 14-16).  Each year this group of degenerates throws a massive party and invites Las Vegas lovers to join in the festivities. Come out and bear witness to the…

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Welcome to our travel and resource podcast for those eternally hip, young at heart and needing a leg up on the happenings of the Metroplex and beyond. Each week Sparkles, Edwin and I will take you on a tour of restaurants, bars and local events that have caught our interest.

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