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New Zealand

When you think about adventures, many images can be conjured up. From Indiana Jones running from a boulder, quiet time fishing on a secluded beach and all things in between…
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To Lash or Not to Lash

Lash Extensions? For little ole me? I know what you’re thinking…lash extensions are for celebrities, beauty queens or brides…no they are for you too! My friend and I were tossing…
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The Lengths We Go for A Fun Run

Fun Run A couple weeks ago a co-worker encouraged me to participate in the Coronado Valentines 10K. I hesitated. Although I am physically active, I do not enjoy running. OK,…
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A Review of: My Toxic Backyard

Denton Texas recently hosted the Thin Line Film and Music festival. This event boasted and array of high quality films across a multitude of subject areas. My Toxic Backyard was…
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Thar She Blows: The Tale of Two Adventurous Women on San Diego Whale Watching Tour

I squealed when my college roommate, Amy, called and asked if she could stay with me while attending a conference in San Diego. I thought it would be like old…
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Episode 17 Vegan in Vegas

Vegan in Vegas Three years ago I began a tradition of spending Christmas in Las Vegas. The reasons which prompted this Christmas custom fall beyond the scope of this blog.…
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