Episode 34 Andy Hawk and the Trainwreck Endings

Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings recently released their new album entitled Sorta, Kinda Maybe. Just from the title you can begin to gather that the artists are a couple notches off the mark of center, but in a good way. This is not the usual mainstream dribble that we get from the big label hit makers. You won’t find formulaic hooks or overproduced bull crap on this record. What you will find is honest sonic groves that lay a foundation for a great musical trip.

From track one, Andy bolts out lyrics that are deceptively complex with a whimsical spin to them. Stylistically, he traverses a great deal of ground from folky and grass roots to bluesy with a bit of rock edge. Andy weaves creative and humorous stories that range from deceiving the naïve in order to get laid to happy rifting tunes about aliens in New Mexico. The music is constructed in a manner very reminiscent of the earlier works of the Smithereens. His voice at times reminds me a little of Mike Ness, from Social D. For this reviewer, the key tracks on the album are Sorta Kinda Maybe, Thoughts While Driving and Everywhere and Everything. This triad of songs provides a great cross section of the vocal range of Andy as well as the tight grooves of his band. 

This Hamilton, Virginia based band comprised of Andy Hawk, Chuck and Paul Bordelon has produced a solid album that deserves a listen. You can get information about Andy Hawk and the Train wreck endings at Andyhawk.com.  You can buy their music on iTunes, download from Rhapsody or via the amazon link included in this blog.


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