Episode 44 Mulberry Street Cantina

A day in the life of a Dentonite 

After a long hiatus in Sin City, Denton has welcomed me back with open and moist arms.  It’s molten hot outside, but Denton’s coolness continues to penetrate the summer’s sun. I started off at the early showing of Pacific Rim at the Movie tavern. It was an action film that will win no academy awards for storyline or plot development, but it was good enough to kill a few hours of this scorching day. After parting with a 10 dollar bill, I saw a movie and ate a sandwich.  It was a good start to say the least.

From the Movie Tavern, I headed to the square and then I took a warm and fast stroll around the square taking note of the ongoing construction. Lone Star Attitude Burger Company had the cranes out getting their rooftop patio erected.

LSAIt looks like they have most of the steel bones up, and they appear ready to receive the ancillary structural components.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.  It is a much needed addition to the Denton Square.  I look forward to playing my violin atop this sure to be popular hangout (Also practicing my royal wave).

Upon completion of my heat stroke inducing constitutional, I headed over to the newly opened Mulberry Street Cantina. The place was empty, which is great for me but probably not so good for business.  Granted, it was very early in the day and most other folks were likely still working and did filter in around 5:30. longThe building is nicely remodeled, clean with lots of exposed hardwood and antique brick. The space was inviting and did I mention really clean? Mulberry is a spot that invites folks to linger and imbibe. They have several board games as well as two dart boards.  I can certainly see myself hanging around for hours sampling tequila and throwing dangerously sharp objects at the amply backed and padded dart board.

The first cocktail I had was a Paloma. It was a made with Sauza Blue and grapefruit juice. The drink was very tasty, not too heavy and perfect for a hot day in north Texas.


Mulberry Street Cantina has quite a few happy hour specials(4-8 daily) including: $4 Rocks or Frozen margaritas, $2 imperials, $4 Hornito’s and $6 Patron on the Cobra head. The Cobra head is a chilled Tequila tap that gets the beverage down to 20 degrees as it comes to the glass.  They also have $2.50 domestic bottled beers or 3 dollar PBR tall boys for those Uncle Eddie types.  My server/bartender Kate was very friendly and helpful in the cocktail selection process as well as detailing the happy hour specials. I also had just a few brief moments to speak to the owner Jeff.  He is very excited about the opening of his bar and has been pleased with the turn out thus far. He currently has no plans to incorporate live music in the near future, but isn’t ruling anything out. Dart board

My initial impressions of the Mulberry Cantina are very positive and I look forward to seeing this business grow and evolve over the coming years. I’d give the atmosphere 4 stars, service 4 stars and value 4 stars. Give it a try, I think you will find it to be a comfortable place to relax on a summer day.

For more information on Mulberry Street Cantina and other cool spots in Denton Check out the podcast by clicking the link below.

Episode 44 Denton Dallas and Beyond




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