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backstageFor frequent listeners of the DDB podcast, you are already familiar with our love for all things Denton.  Among this town’s many inherent charms, music and beverage consumption top our list of most talked about recreational activities. This past weekend was a perfect storm that brought the two together in a big way. Although the weather was certainly uncooperative, the Denton people pushed through the dampness to embrace the baby brother of the Untapped Festival, dubbed as “Canned.”

The Untapped franchise has been hosting events in Dallas for the last several years and is now moving into Ft. Worth, Houston and Atlanta. This past weekend Dentonite’s heralded the coming of the Canned Festival to our town. The focus much like their larger events was on craft beers from all over the country. It was very nice to see that Texas brewers were well represented among the beer offerings. The event planners did an amazing job curating beers of various styles from some of the up and coming as well as established craft breweries. Among our favorites were Sothern Star, Martin House and Deep Ellum breweries. Outside of the Texas selections, we also enjoyed several fine IPA’s from Founders, Brooklyn and Ballast Point breweries.

All of the beers that we tasted were delightful in their own ways, but the prize for most interesting and nontraditional beer goes to Steigl – for their Grapefruit Raddler. It was described as half Goldbräu and half high quality soda. It was absolutely delicious! It so endeared itself to the crowd that there were collective sighs of sadness when the Steigl representative announced that they had run out. I will definitely be heading to Midway Mart this week to pick up a few of these.

JoePuggThe musical selections were very solid and ranged from bluesy to indie power pop. The organizers of Canned did an excellent job providing a very solid representation of Denton musicians and were even playing songs from Denton musicians over the P.A. between bands (Isaac Hoskins).  Overall, our favorites groups from in and outside of the Denton area were Joe Pug and The Helio Sequence.  These two bands are worlds apart in genres and exceptional examples of each of their respective musical styles.

I also have to give a big shout out to Chambers for staying with the crowd even though the rain was pushing in. That is the kind of Denton spirit that makes this town awesome.The volunteers and associated members of the Canned festival also deserve some praise for keeping the crowd informed regarding changes due to weather. Their professionalism was appreciated.Chambers

Overall, the Canned festival was a lot of fun, in spite of the poor weather conditions. The DDB team had an opportunity to taste many delicious beers and listen to some new and different bands as well as some old favorites.

Much like we say time and time again on the show, Denton is truly a town defined by its amazing citizens. Denton’s spirit of camaraderie seemed enhanced by the poor weather conditions. In fact, it resulted in many opportunities to talk to locals and out of towners as we were huddled together under tents, tables, umbrellas, trees, etc. Everyone that I met was truly making the best of the less than desirable climatic circumstances. Clothes and hair may have been wet, but it didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of this group. I look forward to seeing this event return to Denton next year. If the quality of musicians and brewers represented this year is any predictor of the future Canned events, I can assure you Denton and Dallas folks will be back for another round.


Roux, Edwin and Sparkles

For a full review of the Canned Festival download Episode 55 of the Denton Dallas and Beyond Podcast (Release date 10/12/13) Quick Links to Podcasts

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