Worthy of Further Discussion

Post related to the recent closure of  a restaurant:

“Competition is getting stiff. The days of sustainability with mediocre food & service are coming to an end.”

Passionate Dentonite response:

“That’s a pessimistic and highly inaccurate view of local start-ups and original businesses.”

“Your response asserted that all local, independent businesses offer mediocre food and service.”

Social media makes it easier than ever to promote ideas, stimulate meaningful conversation or in this case nearly incite a riot. I never hide my love for Denton and its amazing food and music culture or my displeasure with the inconsistency and at times poor quality of service SOME restaurants provide.  I was reminded today the latter opinion can prompt harsh and often less than well thought out discourse.  Passions run deep in this town. Dentonites are all too often kind, colorful and opinionated. It makes for exceptionally interesting talks or eavesdropping.  But when polarized opinions exist, it’s difficult to discuss and focus on things that need to change or grow.

Denton is a bustling little burg witnessing a healthy resurgence of new businesses. Some thrive and others fail.  My less than original supposition above is that competition is good for the consumer. It creates a situation that raises the bar for what is viewed as quality service. In essence, competition necessitates the formation of original ideas and innovative products to survive in a buyer’s market. Places that lack consistency in service or provide products that have limited value to the consumer will inevitably be forced to change or close.  With that said, does logic have any place in an argument polarized by the passion for all things independent and original? Perhaps even more salient: Was the dialogue that spawned this blog clouded by the love for this fair town?   Experience tells me that real truth tends to exist in the spaces between strong opinions. I encourage any dialogue that leads us to that place.




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