Del Frisco’s Grille (DDB Ep. 70)

Del Frisco’s Grille in Southlake opened its doors on December 30, 2013. The Del Frisco’s franchise has restaurants all over the United States including our favorite non-Denton city, Las Vegas. There are two different flavors of Del Frisco’s restaurants. Their flagship steak houses are branded as Double Eagle and their more casual dining options are referred to as the Del Frisco’s Grille.  The location in Southlake is the latter of the two franchises.

As you drive into the parking area of the restaurant, you are greeted by a somewhat austere looking building with understated brick and glass features. Stepping through their doors, you are immediately struck by the elegance and attention to detail expressed in the decor. There was an abundance of dark hard woods, accented metal work and large windows to help brighten and complement the dark tones in the furnishings.

Del Frisco Interior 2nd floor

We were warmly welcomed by the hostess, checked in quickly, and she even addressed our special request regarding server preference without being prompted. Both my counterpart Amos and I were escorted to the second floor of this two story establishment, where we had great views of the beautiful bar and patio area.

Bar 2nd FloorOnce seated, Mollie our exceptionally competent, polite and personable server oriented us to the menu and offered suggestions related to cocktails. Based on her recommendation, we started the evening with a “VIP” cocktail. This incredibly sumptuous beverage was comprised of sweet Hawaiian Pineapple-Infused Svedka Clementine Vodka.  Apparently they soak the vodka in pineapple chunks overnight and then squeeze out the product each morning. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece. I limited myself to one of these beverages, because I sensed extreme danger based on how smoothly it went down and the conspicuous lack of mixers in the cocktails description.

As the cocktail began to take hold, I finished my assessment of the well-constructed wine list. They have all the major regions and varietals competently represented. The prices ranged from forty to several hundred dollars per bottle. You can easily find a quality bottle for about $60. Morgan, the Sommelier, was very knowledgeable regarding the wines and even provided us with a wonderful port wine sample.  If you are not interested in wine, they also have a nice beer selection (Stella, Peticolas, New Castle, Blue Moon, etc) as well as a full bar.Pimento cheesesDeviled eggs

With the adult beverage selections made, I turned my attention to food.  They have a wide array of appetizers including ahi tuna tacos, cheesesteak egg rolls and jumbo lump crab cakes to name just a few.  We ended up choosing the pimento cheese fritters and the truffle chive vinaigrette devilled eggs. Both apps were very rich, decadent and delicious. With a solid food foundation having already been consumed, we turned our attention to the main course.

Del Frisco’s is very well known for their steaks, so that was certainly going to be the focus of the next stage of this dining experience.  Both my friend and I chose the 16 ribeye, which was priced at $39.50. We also chose to split a side of pan seared wild mushrooms. The steaks came out cooked to temperature, nicely seared and seasoned to perfection. It could not have been more melt in your mouth delicious.Steak2

Even though we were thoroughly satiated by the prior morsels, we finished the meal with a complimentary piece of lemon doberge cake. It was six layers of fluffy moist cake, iced with the most amazing lemon buttercream and finished with a lemon glaze. The sommelier was kind enough to pair the dessert with a fine glass of 10 year tawny port.Cake4

Overall, I would give Del Frisco’s Grille five stars across the board for food, service and ambiance.  It does get a little noisy during the rush times, but It was never so loud that I could not talk to or hear what others at the table were saying. I think it bears mentioning again the impeccable service we received.  There were many table touches by the staff and managers. At one point, we lost track of the number of employees that were truly interested in assuring every aspect of our meal was perfect.  I can say with certainty that this is the most perfect dining experience that I have ever had at a grand opening. Del Frisco’s Grille is now in the top 3 restaurants that I would recommend for people wanting a quality steak and impeccable service.
For more information on this review listen to DDB Ep. 70 Mollie is a Rock Star

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