DDB Ep. 78 Sparkle’s Bull Run

Episode 78 Denton Dallas and Beyond

In this week’s episode we kick back and relax with a review Denton’s latest spa, Soma. In addition to relaxing with a great rubdown, we give you a rundown on a local Denton band, Criminal Birds. In the Dallas segment, we review a local bar that may not be on your radar but should be. As we head Beyond, Sparkles and Edwin catch us up on living the life as a couple of seaman.

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One thought on “DDB Ep. 78 Sparkle’s Bull Run

  1. Thanks for the love, DDB! Here’s my response to your glowing review:

    First off, THANK YOU. I had no idea we were even on your radar. I’m flattered.

    Next: We’re working on getting a card swiper — gotta say our expansion has been so well received that I honestly haven’t had time to even research the different models and pricing! Hopefully we’ll have that by the next time y’all come in!

    Also sorry you weren’t able to get your aromatherapy add-on. The world of massage is so vast it’s hard for a therapist to have ALL the tools in her toolbox. That’s why we have so many therapists here, though, so SOMEONE will be able to offer just the right type of massage for you.

    Oh– and tipping! Nope. We don’t do it. I pay my therapists well so that there’s no need to factor that in, and we want you to think of massage as MEDICINE. Not like getting your nails done. If you want to give us more money, then send your friends our way! We offer discounts for referrals!

    Would LOVE to work out an advertising partnership with y’all, similar to the Only In Denton thing we have going on. Drop me a line!

    Y’all were very generous with your positive review, and I’m blushing. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to share this link with my clients, and especially with your therapist, Becca. (Isn’t she talented?! Love her!)

    Please come back anytime!

    Amber at Soma 🙂

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