To Lash or Not to Lash

Lash Extensions? For little ole me? I know what you’re thinking…lash extensions are for celebrities, beauty queens or brides…no they are for you too!

My friend and I were tossing around the idea of eyelash extensions when we finally decided to take the plunge! We decided to try it with a Groupon so if we hated it…we wouldn’t be out a lot of money.

Step 1: Make an appointment! (Choose a reputable person with good reviews.)

Step 2: Check the glossies for your favorite look.

Step 3: Show up for your appointment sans make-up

Your Lashist (I’m sure they have some fancy name but this is what I’m calling them) will provide a short consultation with you to discuss the look you desire. You will look at different picture of people’s lashes, you will look at the different lash lengths and thickness…finally you make a decision. My Lashist is a tiny Asian woman named Summer. After looking at all the choices, I finally just said, “I already have amazing lashes (not so humble brag) I want dramatic eyes!”…but “I don’t want to look like a hooker!” She was ready to roll.

The procedure:

You need to be able to keep your eyes closed for over 2 hours!

You will either lie down on massage table or sit in a chair…I sat is an oversized leather chair that felt like sinking into butter…which was good because the time in chair is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. (Be sure to tinkle before you start your session)

Before I forget, the Lashist will cover your lower lids with medical tape to avoid accidently gluing your extensions to your lower lashes. (This is weird but pain free.)

The Lashist will then painstakingly (for them) apply the false lashes to your natural lashes with surgical glue. Each lash is applied individually…hence the two hours. Summer has the lightest touch which is great since I have an aversion to anyone other my husband or facialist touching my face.

When I opened my eyes…I couldn’t believe how amazing my lashes looked…I felt glamorous! I left on vacation the next day; I spent two weeks near the ocean with no issues of course I didn’t go swimming in the pool or ocean (I also have an aversion to getting my hair wet-that’s another day).


You cannot rub your eyes (which you shouldn’t anyway)

You cannot use any oily make-up remover

You cannot go to a steam room (as if)


You do not need to apply any mascara…at all!

You can skip any and all eye make-up if you wish (I add a little tiny check mark for eyeliner.)

CAUTION: Looking at self in mirror becomes highly addictive

SUPER CAUTION: You will unlash(leash) your inner goddess!

Care and maintenance:

  1. Sleep on your back (UGH-this took some getting use to!)
  2. Brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand after showering (You will WANT to do this!)
  3. Remove eye make-up along the lash line with a Q-tip.

I went for my three week maintenance lash fill…where they basically fill in the lashes that have fallen out! This took about an hour and my lashes looked even better than the first time.

Do NOT attempt to remove the lashes yourself…if you are unhappy; go back to lashist (or a different one) to remove the lashes.

Enjoy! Feel free to submit any beauty questions you have to the page and I’ll do my best to answer them! XO -Sparkles

4 thoughts on “To Lash or Not to Lash

  1. This is so cool! Don’t know if I could sleep on my back for the rest of my life, tho! Can’t wait to see them!

  2. I am STILL trying to jump on board- the whole sleeping on my back AND the whole idea still trips me out!! Yours look beautiful though which is the only reason I am still considering it!

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