HOT PANTS by Zaggora

Not that kind of hot pants…Zaggora makes some hot pants (literally hot pants)! They have created whole line of exercise clothing that according to their own propaganda: exercising in HotPants can increase energy expenditure during exercise by an average of 11%. Sounds great huh! And most of you that know me know that I’ll try anything that might help me shed a few pounds (except quit eating & drinking)!

Well, first of all, these pants are made out of neoprene-type material…they look like a wet-suit. Secondly, I suggest you put them on in a room by yourself…I just about couldn’t get the dang things on. Lastly, by all means, use the restroom before you put them on…as not to repeat the entire ordeal. However, putting them has to burn at least some calories. These pants are a little stinky (it diminishes with each wash) and they make a swishing sound when you move (this is a little irritating)…your gym friends will love you.

The Hot Pants are meant to increase the caloric burn by heating up your body…I know…sounds weird. As a general rule, I don’t perspire, I don’t mean to say that I glisten or glow, I mean I don’t perspire. This is a curse and a blessing. A blessing when I’m wearing my favorite LBD but a curse at mile 10 of a half marathon. My body’s cooling system is off but when I finally removed these pants (boy! Talk about funniest videos) my legs were very sweaty. Did I lose inches? Did I lose weight? Yes and yes but I’m not sure I can attribute either to the Hot Pants.

My suggestion…save the $70 and instead:

– add squats & sprints to your normal run
– dance around your house like Beyonce for 30 minutes
– have an espresso before your workout
– drink one less cocktail a week (kidding)

Do not buy these pants…if you really want them…I’ll sell you mine for half off!
As always, if you have beauty, health, fitness or lifestyle questions…I’ll try to answer!
Cheers! XO

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