Brazilian Waxing: ALL the details…not for the faint of heart

Ask Sparkles…

Summer is right around the corner…are you beach ready? Chances are you have upped your squat reps, been to the tanning salon (not recommended) and searched the web for the perfect swimsuit (or six). My addiction to swimwear is third only to shoes and black plants.

We all remember the SATC episode where the girls went with Carrie on her honeymoon because…well we all know why and Miranda shows up poolside with bush sneaking out of her bottoms. This is and always will be a fashion DON’T!

How do you avoid this little snafu? You have several options and let’s face it shaving requires daily maintenance, causes razor burn and ingrowns…all of which are also NOT attractive options.

In comes waxing, where you also have choices: a simple bikini wax (the line where your leg and torso meet), a deep bikini (2 inches in on each side), mostly everything with a landing strip or triangle or a full Brazilian. The two bikini options are ok if you have chosen a full coverage bottom and plan on simply lying around beachside or poolside. However, if you plan on being just a wee bit active (playing volleyball, Frisbee, jet-skiing, etc) or you have chosen a high leg or Brazilian bottom….you need more or is it less!

I say if you are planning on a landing strip or triangle, you might as well go full Brazilian. Is it going to hurt? Unless you are from Mars…you know the answer to this question. You just broke out into a cold sweat…we have all been there, phone a friend, you need a solid referral to a reputable salon with someone trained in the rapid waxing method.

You got your nerve up, made an appointment now what? From the moment you make your appointment until you show up for your appointment, NO grooming. The week before your appointment, hydrate daily and absolutely NO tanning before your appointment.

The day of your appointment:
• Limit caffeine intake to 1 serving
• Exfoliate in the shower
• Drink LOTS of water

30 minutes before your appointment:
• Take 2 (12 hour) Aleve gel caps (yes, I read the directions)-take 3 if you have a low threshold for pain
• Think of all the topics you want to discuss (movies, restaurants, etc)…you will need a distraction!

You have ARRIVED! Leave your inhibitions at the door!

Step 1: Your aesthetician will go over the procedure and clarify what you are getting done…don’t be shy-be clear…there is a huge difference in the 4 waxes.

Step 2: She will leave the room and you will disrobe from the waist down. You will lie on your back on the massage table and cover your lady bits with a hand towel.

Step 3: She will knock on the door and ask if you are ready. Say, YES! (Let her in) Showtime!!!!
The aesthetician will prep the waxing area by removing all the oils on your skin and she will check for burns (no tanning), cuts or scratches. She will begin by applying Holy Hot Wax Batman to your skin with a large tongue depressor. As soon as it is dry (about a minute) she will begin to remove the wax strips which will remove the hair. She will ask for your help…your job will be to pull your skin tight while she pulls the strip in the opposite direction. She will check in with you regarding your comfort level, wax temperature, etc. (You will be OK) When she has removed all the hair from the front, you will get on all fours (Yes, I know…your inhibitions are at the door remember) for her remove the rest of the hair. My friend Beth calls this the undercarriage. J This only takes a few minutes and you are one step closer to being done!

Step 4: You will once again lie on your back and the aesthetician will apply lavender oil and a hot towel to the waxed area to calm the skin. She will hold a towel over you while you dry your skin and check for anything she may have missed.

Step 5: She will exit the room and you sigh…a large sigh…you’ve been holding your breath. Get dressed and pay. (I KNOW…you have to pay for this torture!)

Care and maintenance:

Your most sensitive skin has been through a traumatic experience. Follow these steps to prevent a reaction. Drink LOTS of water!! (This is a rule you should just live by!)

Absolutely NO: swimming, sweating, saunas, sex or sunning for a minimum of 24 hours…48 is possible. Your aesthetician may have given / sold you some calming lotion…be diligent about using it for 36 hours.

You are free! And you will feel it too! Don your strappiest bikini or get that high legged swimsuit and run, jump or dance…you can with no worries for 4 weeks. Repeat process!

The Europeans started this pesky rumor that hair was back (in fashion)…what do they know…it isn’t and nobody wants to see it!

You have questions, feel free to inbox me on Twitter or Facebook…

Cheers! XO

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