Soma: An Oasis in the Heart of Denton


A few weeks back we talked about our spa experiences at Soma. Located at 529 Malone St. in Denton Texas, this quaint little shop is locally owned and touts a wide array of massage services. The staff there was exceptionally professional and takes the time required to get to know your needs prior to beginning each session. As I was pondering my last Soma experience, I couldn’t help but reflect on how different this place was compared to other spas. Normally, I have a very difficult time relaxing in an unfamiliar place. This was simply not the case at Soma. I really felt like their top priority. After completing the intake paperwork, Becca my therapist, asked about my likes, dislikes and needs for this session. Once she had a firm grip on my expectations, she exited the room to allow me to prepare for the session.

Upon returning to the room, she reminded me to speak up if at any point something was not exactly right for me (Pressure, technique, overworking certain areas, underworking areas of need, etc.). To my amazement, I did not need to provide her with any guidance. She seemed to know exactly what I needed and provided a massage that was miles ahead of any I have had in years. Truly, she has an amazing talent and I got to reap the benefits of her dedication to the craft.

The initial benefits of receiving massage are of course feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. The unintended benefits were reaped days after the massage had ended. I found myself noticing increased levels of flexibility, reduced lower back pain, increased desire to exercise without the constant drain of muscle aches. I even noticed that my longevity during exercise was greater after the session. All of the previously mentioned physical benefits help to support emotional and behavioral functioning as well. This massage put me in a great mood. I cruised through my work week without the nagging little problems of life dragging me down. I was better able to focus, generate goals and steadily worked toward their completion. Now, I am not saying that massages will permanently and completely change your life in dramatic ways. However, what I can say is that increased feelings of wellbeing after an amazing massage sure can’t hurt. Soma is an amazing place, and people deserve to treat themselves to the services that they have to offer.

The DDB team is partnering with Soma to help people discover this Oasis in Denton. Email us your stress stories and how you think an amazing massage can help improve your sense of wellbeing. We will pick one story in May and June to feature on our website (Only your first name will be utilized on the site. No other identifying information will be released). If your story is picked, we will send you a $10 gift certificate to apply to a massage at Soma.

You can submit your entries via email:, voicemail 940-320-9097 or click here. Every couple of weeks we will pick the best story and ship your certificate to you. The winning stories will be featured on our podcast and posted to our website( All winners must have a valid email address and give permission to post their stories on both the Denton Dallas and Beyond and the Soma Denton websites.

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