Cigar Smoking Dos & Donts for Ladies

Cigar smokers are already members of a very small and elite group. Female cigar smokers make up a very small percent of this group. Cigar smoking can be extremely relaxing and it is a great time to catch up with friends. Here are some tips to keep you smokin’ hot!

DO: Choose a style that best meets the needs of being a lady…without looking like a tramp! Nowhere does it say you need to smoke a small flavored cigar but you probably don’t need to smoke a 60 ring gauge Churchill in a room full of men….if for no other reason, it looks vulgar! Furthermore, any man who finds that look attractive…isn’t a man of distinction. Secondly, you don’t want to end up coughing and hacking with that green around the gills look…this happens to men too. Lastly, know what you like and how much you can smoke. I prefer a toro size in almost all cigars with a light to medium wrapper.

My preferences are: a Vato’s Stiletto, a Hemingway Short Story or a CAO Concert. All of these have transitioned my smoking from “girly cigars” to “real” cigars but we don’t judge, smoke what you like!

DO: Know how to cut and light your own cigar…while it is always nice when someone offers to help you…be prepared to do it yourself. It is 2014!

DO: Pair your cigar with a great glass of wine, a nice cocktail or a great whiskey. Again, order something you will enjoy. There isn’t a big difference between “acting” cool and being the fool…be yourself!

My preference: I LOVE Basil Hayden, a craft Kentucky Bourbon, it is the lightest of the small batch bourbons under the Jim Beam label. It is easy to drink with a hint of sweetness….add a few ice cubes or whiskey stones before trying it neat.

DO: Follow smoking etiquette:
Don’t blow smoke…in someone’s face
Gently rub your ash against the tray rather than tipping the ash (that almost sounded naughty)
Don’t let your ash spread (words to live by)
Don’t smolder your cigar at the end…let it go out naturally…it keeps the offensive odors at bay.

DON’T: Be afraid to ask questions because you are a woman.
Get what you want (in life)
Know what you are paying
Know what you like

So, you say it’s your first time (you don’t hear that every day)…Cigars should be:
Well humidified
Soft to the touch (never crunchy)
Length is measured by name with a Robusto being the shortest and the Gran Corona being the longest.
Girth is measured by ring gauge starting at 48 to 60
Color can be an indicator of robustness- the lighter the wrapper (Connecticut shade) the more mild and creamy a cigar can be while a darker wrapper (Maduro) may have more spice & pepper flavors

You did say it was your first time…Start with a flavored cigar!
Java makes a line of flavored cigars that are great for beginners and the wrapper leaves a sweet taste on your lips-YUM!

Don’t: Let the cigar linger in your mouth
Again, it looks vulgar
It causes additional smoke to penetrate your delicate skin
It creates a gross wet end (not attractive)

Do: Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and bring a small, disposable toothbrush (I like Colgate Wisps). If you want to get physical (Olivia Newton-John anyone) or handsy later…you will feel less smoky…because there is a difference between smoky and smokin’ hot!

Note: The writer does not receive compensation to promote any products!

I love trying new things so if there is something specific you’d like me to research…please let me know! XO

5 thoughts on “Cigar Smoking Dos & Donts for Ladies

  1. Excellent, excellent advice. I do see a lot of women smoking cigars in my local smoke shop here in Grand Rapids — some prefer the more diminutive sticks, while some chomp away at king-sized stogies. To each her own! It’s good, though, to provide some good do/don’t advice specifically for women. I reserve the right to steal some of these for a future VLO episode. 🙂

  2. Couple of things: Ring guage is based on 62s of an inch. So a 62 is a full inch wide and 31 would be a half inch. They start at about 24 for the cigarette sized cigars and now go up to 80.
    Length start at about 4″ and goes up to 8″ plus.
    Darkness of wrapper does not signify strength, A dark maduro wrapper is just aged longer and therefor has a sweeter/riper taste. They do have fuller flavor, but not strength.
    But do not be afraid to ask cigar smokers anything and believe about half.. ha ha

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