Fun with the girls…. Yes…those girls!

It’s that time of year when everyone is showing a little more skin! More legs, more shoulders and more cleavage! Someone…I don’t know who…declared it the summer of the breasts! I couldn’t be happier…

However, there are a few rules when it comes to showing off your assets! These tips will help keep you looking glam instead of cheap & easy!

Going braless is always fun (I hear) but remember you need to pass the pencil test in order to go au natural! What’s the pencil test? Glad you asked-Place a pencil under one of your breast (sans bra), if it falls…you pass if it doesn’t, you need to wear a bra!

So you have decided to go braless…while you are free & loose remember to dim the headlights…because no matter how great your set is…leaving something to the imagination is always a DO. You can cover up with breast petals ($10-$15 on Amazon).

Have small breast? No worries, it’s actually easier for you to perfect your set.
Anything that has a bustier will lift the breast for a natural, fuller look
Deep V tops & dresses are still in (don’t forget to tape down the fabric to avoid a nip-slip)
Slip dresses are also making a comeback this summer
Anything that has a “built-in” bra is your friend
Highlight the top of your breasts with bronzer or highlighter by drawing a V along your cleavage

Well endowed? You don’t need much help but remember…
A halter (fill in the blank) _______(swimsuit, top, dress) is your best friend by providing great lift and amazing cleavage.
If the girls haven’t been out topless, apply self-tanner for a uniform, slimmer look
While you can’t wear a plunging V you can still wear a deep V
A perfect deep V doesn’t compete with anything-save the low back or mini (anything) for next time.
A deep V halter (the only time you can go braless) should fit the breasts perfectly on the sides & bottom…the only thing we should see is cleavage
Invest in a high quality, underwire strapless bra…this will help you feel more confident in strapless dresses and tops (because pulling up your bra all night is not fun or sexy)
You can get a great one at Victoria’s Secret for around $80

While we are having so much fun, be good to the girls-
Moisturize & exfoliate
Apply sunscreen
Buy a supportive sports bra (regardless of your size)
Don’t forget your monthly self –exam


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