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The transformation from child to grown-up is a miraculous one…it is inexplicably amazing. However, being a grown-up means more responsibility….like filling your gas tank-full, having a savings account, knowing how to make at least one classic cocktail, knowing how to make at least one great dish, owning matching towels. The greatest shift comes in moving from trendy fashions to classic fashions!

Every woman NEEDS the following items in their closet:

Little Black Dress (LBD): Invest in a special, high quality dress that will stand the test of time. Select one that can be your go-to dress at a moment’s notice.

Classic Black Pants: Select a tailored fit in a non-seasonal fabric. These pants should be able to be dressed up or down.

Plain White Tee: You can use this as a layering piece or wear it by itself with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

Good Shoes: Oh boy! I know this can be relative…but here are the basics

  • A classic pump (preferably in black but hey…you pick)
  • Nude Heels (I NEED these!!!)
  • Classic flats that are stylish and comfortable (think Sunday brunch after much imbibing)
  • Black, heeled boots
  • Sexy shoes…that you can wear for more than 5 hours (comfortably)
  • Metallic, strappy sandals

Wraps: Something to keep you warm & stylish when it is a bit chilly

  • A leopard print scarf, adds fun & boldness
  • A pashmina or silk wrap add elegance & style
  • A light cashmere scarf adds subtle warmth

Jeans: Love them or hate them…you need a great pair…

  • In dark denim, with flare legs that fit perfectly. Invest in a great pair and have them tailored to fit your body perfectly. Rule of thumb, buy a pair that fits you at the largest part of your body and tailor the rest. Muffin tops do not make you look good!

Black Pencil Skirt: Again, invest in a great piece that will last!

Lightweight cashmere cardigan: Goes with everything!

A Clutch: Choose one you love…I’m currently in love with my sparkly Marc Jacobs bag…I bought 4 more of the same bag!

A Signature Accessory: The door is open for this but choose something that when you wear it…it makes you happy! It could be your grandmother’s pearls, that little necklace you got on vacation or classic diamond stud earrings.

A Statement Necklace: This piece is essential…a statement necklace is both feminine and strong. Expect to get compliments.

Good Undergarments: These are foundational pieces…literally!

  • A great fitting bra (most high end stores have staff that can properly measure and fit you for the correct size) More than 50% of woman are wearing the wrong size bra!!!
  • No line panties
  • A matching bra and panty set that when you wear it…you are ready to conquer the world!

Hint: Know your designers! I own over 50 Calvin Klein pieces: dresses, skirts, slacks, weekend pants, tees and tops because I know how the sizes are cut and how they fit my body. The fabric is always high quality with good stitching and the dresses and skirts are lined for longer wear. Choose a brand that works for you and begin investing in the collection.

My signature color for 2010-2020 is pink!

My signature scent is Allure by Chanel!


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