Manscaping…Nope that isn’t a typo!

Ask Sparkles….

Manscaping (verb): to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up superfluous fur.

Remember the 70’s when a mountain of fur on the chest meant manly…well in the 2000’s it’s too much. Male grooming was once reserved for porn stars and professional athletes…well no more…whether you are metrosexual or not (couldn’t think of the opposite) everyman can use a little manscaping! Your lady friends want you to share in the experience.

So what are we talking about??? Say goodbye to your
Grandpa Munster brows
Ear hair
Neck hair
Happy trail
Back hair
Small of your back hair

Optional: grooming of the nether regions, while this may sound a little scary, objects do tend to appear larger…

STOP: Before you go all Edward Sissorhands on us…there are options to consider.

Laser Removal: Most effective but costly, painful and time consuming

Waxing: Best for your non-sensitive areas…go to a professional (Do NOT try this at home!) This lasts 4 weeks with regrowth being thinner and smoother.

Sugaring: You can do this at home (I don’t recommend it)…STICKY!

Threading: If you think waxing is painful…threading is time consuming (and painful) because it removes hair one at a time…

Shaving: Least invasive…but requires (almost) daily maintenance and regrowth is…um…not smooth

As-is: The grizzly man look!

OK…you have started breathing normally again…and stopped using expletives…

Things that might help you!
Exfoliating skin to prepare hair for removal
Purchasing a male “grooming” tool or make an appointment
Purchase “Down Under” Comfort Cream (formerly known as ball cream-I wonder why they changed the name?)…this turns into a powder to keep your most intimate areas dry, clean, fresh and comfortable…don’t forget to click through our Amazon link…(insert Sparkles’ smirky smile)

Author’s Note: Lucky for my man…he has the perfect amount of body hair in the right places or I would have gone after him with hot wax while he slept!

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