Summertime Fun

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Today officially marks the first day of summer! How can you have the best summer ever! Do you remember your favorite childhood, summer memory? Tanning with your BFF, eating ice-cream, swimming in the lake, riding bikes, etc. Enjoy it!

Top 10 Summer Dos:

10. Indulge in a bowl of ice-cream without any guilt. Not sorbet but real ice-cream! Choose your favorite or try a new one. Savor every moment! Ice-cream is best shared with a friend. Rocky Road…yes, please.

9. Get Wet! Spend some quality time near a body of water. It doesn’t matter if it is the tropical island of your dreams or a friend’s pool. Whether you are relaxing, playing games (marco polo anyone) or getting handsy with your significant other…have fun! Toes in the sand with a beer in your hand.

8. Try something new! Try that new hair color you’ve been considering, a new manicure shade or a new summer outfit.

7. Be adventuresome! Plan a special outing. Whether you are taking a special vacation or a weekend at a nice hotel, take some time away from “the norm”.

6. Get Healthy! Summer is the perfect time to start a new life plan. Summer’s bounty is at its prime. The fruits and vegetables are ripe and delicious and let’s face it…cooler food tastes better when it is HOT outside! Watermelon gazpacho anyone?

5. Diversify your exercise! Go for a hike, ride a bike, run or walk early in the morning. Try an outdoor yoga session! Get moving…and bring a friend!

4. Reflect! I’m a strong, confident woman but I always use the summer months to read a new self-help book. Reflection helps us improve ourselves. The following books have truly influenced my life: Within: A Spiritual Awakening to Love & Weight Loss, Life is a Verb (LOVE THIS!), Wonder Women Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection, The Happiness Project

3. Get Dirty! Plant something with your own two hands (even if you only have a windowsill garden), redecorate a new room or go to a painting or (fill in the blank) class. I suggest mint for mojitos! ☺

2. Fall in love! With the hot guy / girl, a new pet or yourself! Take a risk!

1. Have FUN! Good, old fashioned fun! Unabashed fun…like when we were kids…we left home after breakfast and returned when it got dark with dirt necklaces and Cheshire cat smiles.

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