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No, I am not talking about the iTunes variety, but more like “What you eat before you eat to make you hungry.” Last week I asked our listeners to list out some of their favorite appetizers in Denton. The response was phenomenal. From high end dining to redneck sushi, you guys came through big time. The list below is a compilation of all the places that were mentioned. It was very exciting to see a few appetizers that we were not yet familiar with and some that have become staples in our pre-eating diets.

In the fine dining category, it was all about Keiichi located at 500 N. Elm in Denton. Both his Tasmanian sea trout and beef Tataki appetizers topped the charts. I have had both of these apps, and agree they are fantastic. The beef Tataki is a marinated seared beef delight, which is then chilled and served with a combination of citrus and soy. The Tasmanian sea trout is a melt in your mouth sashimi dish that is truly craveable. Our friend Anna also mentioned that the Octopus Sashimi was delightful. I have yet to try that, but it is now on the list for my upcoming trip to K’s. For those of you that are new to the DDB podcast, check out our review of Keiichi in Episode 16.

BreadHannah’s off the Square is a place that we have not talked about a whole lot. It touts upscale dining options, but in general I head there only for appetizers and beverages. With that said, several of our listeners recommended this place for those very things. More specifically, the fried calamari and also the bread, meat and cheese boards were listed as favorites. I agree 100% with both of these recommendations. The calamari is fresh and tender, with just the right amount of crunch and seasoning. They also include some fried yellow pepper rounds in the mix, which adds a very nice vinegar pairing to the dish. Next up on the list was the meat, bread and cheeses. Without question, Hannah’s has the nicest selection of these items in Denton. They source most of it locally, and the selections are always sumptuous and diverse. I was reminded by one listener, that they also have gluten free options for those with sensitivities to this stretchy substance (Thanks Kellen). If you go to Hannah’s you must try the horseradish cheeses, pork belly, roasted garlic and the pretzel bread. You will not be sorry!

Next up was LSA Burger Company, for their garlic parmesan fries and chili cheese fries.LSA I am a big fan of LSA’s low fi appetizers, but I have to say that the parm fries here have been very inconsistent over my many visits. At times, they will come out soggy and have less than ample toppings. Over the past few trips, I have made sure to ask that the fries be made extra crispy. This seems to have helped with the textural issue. I really love this app and pretty much order it every time I go to LSA. I have yet to try the chili cheese fries, but thanks to Michael Leza, it is now on my radar for my next trip to LSA.

Roosters Road House is another Denton restaurant that we have yet to talk about on the show, but it certainly warrants a mention. It is located at 113 Industrial street and sports dishes that are a cardiovascular nightmare. For apps, our listeners recommended the redneck sushi, fried pickles and brisket queso. The redneck sushi is the most creative of the dishes there. Basically, what you will be presented with is roll comprised of chopped cheese, brisket and sweethots. It’s a tasty and light intro to the heavy belly foods that will certainly follow. The fried pickle dish is your basic cornmeal and cornflower encrusted salty treat that is served with a side of ranch for dipping. Not much more to say here. The brisket and bean queso is a dish that I haven’t tried, as I am not really a fan of the legume. However, if you dare to get gassy, give this dish a try. It’s an ample bowl of cheese, smashed beans and brisket, complemented with BBQ sauce and smokehouse pico. Images of Blazing Saddles are sure to follow this app.

Moving down the 380 corridor, both Jeremy and Lilly recommended the Banditos from the Prairie House. This delightful little treat features a jalapeno stuffed with shredded BBQ chicken, Jalapeno cheese, wrapped in bacon and coated in BBQ sauce. The pepper is then seared on the grill to caramelize the sauce. I have never had this particular dish, but I can almost guarantee that I will have a firsthand review of it very soon.

So there you have it, a living and breathing list of appetizers for those that crave food before your food arrives. We want to send out a big thank you to everyone that contributed and please feel free to continue adding on to the list.


Roux, Sparkles and Edwin

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