Hoochies is back!

Hoochies storefront

Hoochies is back and open for business at their brand new location on 214 East Hickory. I truly have missed this place and completely dig the new location.  This premiere oyster bar is literally a stones throw away from my favorite watering hole, Dan’s Silver Leaf.  I’m not sure what I am most pleased about, the fact that Hoochies is open or the that they removed that god awful orange-like fluorescent paint from the facade of their building.

Interior slantThe remodel looks fabulous!  Unlike their old location of Hoochies, this one is very open and boasts more copious as well as comfortable seating. They also have a very nice bar that you can dine at as well. This building has been completely gutted and remodeled from the ground up. Sam Solomon and his team have created an exceptionally inviting space with nice splashes of South Louisiana bayou culture.

As I pushed up to the ordering area, the first thing I noted was the big and bold signage. All of the dining options are clearly laid out on their chalk board menu.  From poboys to beignets, Sam has created a menu that is sure to appeal to both old and new clientele. He has kept all of the old favorites and added a few new dishes including a butter noodle and onion side that I loved.Shucker 1

For my inaugural meal in the new space, I of course went for the raw oysters. I have been craving quality mollusks for months.  I ordered these juicy creatures un-rinsed as always, because I have a predisposition toward full brine on my oysters. I finished off this meal with the beignets and left completely satisfied.

Shucker close up

I truly do love this place and wish Sam the best of luck going forward.





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