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As August temperatures soar in the triple digits, Fort Worth’s West 7th district keeps getting cooler. Steel City Pops is perfect for an afternoon sweet treat, an after dinner dessert or a late night craving. The store itself stays at a comfortable climate, even when the line to get in is around the block. Aside from being a cool refuge from the summer sun, the store was designed with clean lines, fun chalkboards and always smells delicious. All of their pops are made in house in small batches from fresh, natural ingredients. You can even watch the popsicles being made through their kitchen windows. They offer a variety of either fruity or creamy flavors including interesting combinations such as pineapple jalapeño or chocolate chili. The store is great to work with for large group orders and offer reward cards for repeat customers.

Although I haven’t been able to sample every flavor, I can strongly recommend a few! The coconut is creamy and carries the perfect fresh coconut taste. It even has toasted coconut flakes in the pop which add the perfect texture. The caramel melts sweet and smoothly in your mouth with a rich, buttery flavor. I also really liked the samples I had of chocolate, vanilla bean, coffee, peanut butter, and cherry sour cream. I haven’t sampled as many of the fruity varieties, but had to try the pineapple jalapeño pop! It comes with warning that the peppers are hot and they’re not kidding about that heat. The fruit and pepper complement each other well, but with the spicy kick and the natural acidity of the pineapple, it took some intentional effort to finish the whole thing. I’d recommend sharing it with 3-4 people to get a taste but not have to commit to a whole popsicle. The cucumber lime popsicle is a fabulously refreshing combination, perfect for when you’re looking for something light.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Steel City Pops, either at their new store location or at one of their pop carts! You can look at the complete menu at

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