Ep. 100 The Smoking Jacket

My absolute favorite drink that I have had this past year is called the Smoking Jacket.  It is one of the signature cocktails made at Paschalls in Denton. It’s a little pricey for Denton, and it is worth every penny you pay(Fifteen dollars). The bartenders start with a very fine single pot Irish whiskey. Then they add a tablespoon of Luxardo cherry liqueur.  From their it’s a half jigger of simple syrup and 3 dashes of both maple and orange bitters. They take the entire mixture, add ice and stir vigorously. Now the next part is where this cocktail really gets fun. In the final step, they take maple wood chips, torch them until they flame up, then place a large snifter on top to capture the resting smoke. The glass is then turned right side up with a paper cloth on top to trap the smoke. Finally, the mixture is poured into the smoke filled glass, swirled and then topped with a small amount of powdered sugar. This is absolutely delicious. Go and get one tonight!

Cheers -Roux

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