Sweetwater is Back


Sweetwater reopened this week, and the place looks great. I was very pleased with the overall cleanliness and the general cohesion of the decor. They utilized new, as well as reclaimed elements from the old Sweetwater. The overall remodel has definitely improved the look and feel of the place.

As I moved through the dining space, I was greeted by my server and quickly presented with a menu and a beverage. The menu is large, and it is divided into eclectic apps like oysters Rockefeller to duck fat fries. It then moves into soups and salads and finally to the mains. Upon my first visit to any new restaurant, I generally solicit advice from the waitresses regarding items they would recommend. This trip was no different.

My server pointed me in the direction of an appetizer called the ABC fritter. This was composed of cheddar cheese, apples and bacon. The mixture was then breaded and deep fried. 20140830-110851-40131862.jpg You might be thinking that this was a no fail combination. Unfortunately, it failed on many levels. First, it was slightly undercooked, which led the cheese to not melt. Secondly, it was under seasoned and seemed suspiciously light on bacon. Thirdly, the fritters were riddled with apple seeds. I pointed this out to the server, and she immediately took it back and off my bill.

Next up was my main course. I choose the southwest meatloaf with garlic mash potatoes and sliced zucchini. The meatloaf portion was of average size and cooked perfectly. It had a nice flavor profile, and I love it when they crisp things up on the flattop grill. The mashed potatoes were fresh, with a nice contrast of smooth and crunchy textures. The zucchini was fresh and cooked well, but it was so over salted I couldn’t eat it.20140830-110850-40130963.jpg

One of my core dining beliefs revolves around providing restaurants with honest feedback. So, when a server asks “How is everything?”, I take that as an invitation to give them that information. I’ll go through all the things I enjoyed about the meal and the things that fell short. In this case, the meal was somewhat underwhelming. However, there is a great deal of potential in this menu. With time, I am very hopeful that they will work out the kinks and provide Dentonites with another sound dining option.





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