A night at the Louboutin Rouge

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Several weeks ago, the beauty world was turned on its ear. Stylist and beauty bloggers around the world were buzzing about Christian Louboutin’s entry into the cosmetic world. His amazing shoes (art in their own right) already make the world a more beautiful place. As people speculated, we knew that anything carrying the Louboutin name would need to be over the top. Naturally, I put myself on the pre-order list to be one of the first people to receive this new product… nail lacquer (polish) offered in the color Louboutin Rouge (naturally) with a $50 price tag…plus tax!
The day after the polish made its debut, a rather large box arrived on my doorstep from Neiman Marcus. These boxes provide me so much joy…almost like Christmas or my birthday! I made a mental note of how large the box was…however NM is notorious for sending small items in large packages. However, when I opened the package, I was shocked to find the largest bottle of nail polish I have ever seen…the design of this bottle alone is worth $50. It is a beautiful black lacquer bottle with a hint of red and the Louboutin logo discreetly imprinted. Wow was all I could say…wow!
As a general rule, I do not get manicures…the time, the energy and I absolutely cannot stand even the slightest knick in the color. However, for this special occasion, I decided to go for it! I drove to the nail salon closest to my house and ordered the Heavenly Deluxe Manicure with cucumber and lavender (I had no idea what I was getting)! The tiniest Asian woman I have ever seen was my manicurist. My “manicure” started with me soaking my hands in a cucumber infused water. Loan (my manicurist) then cut and filed my nails and “cleaned up” my cuticles. Afterwards, she excused herself and returned with bags of hot liquid which happened to be paraffin wax. While my hands were being treated, Loan proceeded to give me a neck & shoulder massage with hot stones covered in lavender oil. I was thinking this is ok but awkward…then she continued to massage my neck & shoulders with her expert fingers. Heaven! When my neck & shoulder massage was complete, Loan massaged my hands and arms with this amazing lavender scented lotion / oil. Of course she had to remove all the lotion and oil from fingertips before she could apply my polish. She asked if I brought my polish and I smiled as I sheepishly pulled out the gigantic, weapon-shaped polish out of my tiny clutch. She looked at me with a furrowed brow and questioning eyes and I said, “its new…its Louboutin”…she claimed to love it!
After a clear base coat, two applications of my polish and a clear top coat, my manicure was complete. She packed my polish in my bag and took it the drying lamps…I sat there for 5-7 minutes. I got up to pay and she met me at the register. She looked at me and said $28; I know I couldn’t hide the shock on my face. Loan opened my bag, removed my wallet and asked me which credit card I would like to use, removed it, swiped it and returned it to my wallet. (I still have shocked face!) I handed her a $10 bill as her tip as she put my wallet and polish back into my bag while handing me my car keys…is she for real?
When I got home, I removed a pair of Louboutins from one of the boxes and compared the color. Yep…we have a match. Victory! As I type this, I am admiring my beautiful nails…

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