Hares on the Mountain

HARESONTHEMOUNTAIN_promo_by_AubreyMortensenOne of the greatest benefits of living in north Texas, is the never-ending string of amazing bands that are churning out fantastic tunes.  Hares on the Mountain is one such band, and we were beyond excited by the release of their latest EP entitled Sheep. This five piece Denton-based “Danger Folk” band is comprised of some of the most talented musicians to grace North Texas stages (George Neal, Ryan Becker, Justin Collins, Petra Kelly, Cory Coleman and Tony Ferraro). The Sheep EP is without a doubt an incredible collection of Irish folk inspired drinking songs. From tracks such as “The Man You Don’t Meet Everyday” to  “Whiskey In The Jar”, this album takes you on an intoxicating journey of musical delight.

I have been a huge fan of Hares since I first heard them at Dan’s Silver Leaf.  After one show, I was completely enthralled by their showmanship and musical prowess. With that said, I have never hid my intense respect for the vocal abilities of both George Neal and Ryan Thomas Becker.  Therefore, I was certainly biased when selecting my favorite tracks on the EP (One Day at Dawn and Whiskey in the Jar).  However, every track on this EP is a testament to the talent of every musician that comprises this band. I look forward to the follow up LP entitled Lambs, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

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The full-length album is called LAMBS and will see a release later this year. It will contain original and traditional material that will delve deeper into the dark, dangerous musical catacombs of which SHEEP will only scratch the surface. ***

Check out our full review on Episode 107 of Denton Dallas and Beyond (Air Date 10/11/14)

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