Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

Ask Sparkles

Some people LOVE the holiday season while others are already hoping it was over. The biggest thing to remember is to keep it FUN! Whether you are attending the office Christmas party or Thanksgiving with your relatives, you are in for a lot of mingling, eating and drinking.


Extrovert: Watch your air time and don’t be a conversation dominator. Remember to listen!

Introvert: People love to talk about themselves…ask others questions and let them do all the talking.

Hosting a party:

Use a calendar to help you plan ahead. See what can be bought / made / completed ahead of time. Prioritize the day before items (last minute cleaning / decorating) and make an hour by hour schedule for the day of the party. Have a plan for keeping cold foods cold and hot foods warm. When people offer to bring items, ask them to bring bulky items like ice, this allows you to have ice without it taking valuable freezer space.

Pre-make cocktails or stick to beer & wine (less fussy and easy) or hire a bartender from one of your favorite bars.

Don’t try any new recipes…keep it simple and remember to enjoy yourself.

Host / Hostess Gifts:

Unless the host or hostess is a loved one, do not give an extravagant hostess gift…you don’t want them trying to decipher the “meaning” of your gift. Depending on the host / hostess, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas:

Gourmet Sea Salts ($10-$15) pink and black are both exotic and flavorful

Premium Olive Oil ($20-$50)

Beautifully packaged bar soaps ($5-$10)

Godiva Chocolate Truffles ($5-$10)

A nice bottle wine (for the host / hostess and NOT the party)

Homemade bread / candy / candles

Beating the battle of bulge:

Unless it is a formal, sit down dinner, do not go and eat “dinner” at the party. Eat before you arrive, even if it is a piece of fruit.

  • If the party is buffet style, don’t be first in line…most items don’t look as appetizing once fat fingers Fred has gone through the line.
  • Always have a drink in your hand…it is hard to eat when one of your hands is occupied.
    • Alternate club soda / water / any non-alcoholic drink with cocktails…it will help you from acting the fool and save on calories too!
    • Drink light / clear colored alcoholic drinks they contain fewer calories
    • Drink champagne (oh yes…it has fewer calories, looks elegant and it keeps your hands busy)
    • Pass on any desserts that are not homemade (if you really want them you can buy them yourself)
    • Help the hostess…this will keep you busy and make you a VIP guest
    • Get your work out in before you go. Too busy? Break it up into three 10 minute sessions or two 15 minute sessions. Every mile equals roughly 100 calories or one cocktail
    • Wear a very fitted dress

Give yourself a hand: 

  • Pay someone to put up your lights and / or decorations.
  • Ask the stores / companies to gift wrap your gifts.
  • Schedule a massage / facial / manicure
  • Buy gifts for only the children in your family


Too much of good thing makes us feel saturated and it keeps us from truly enjoying the things we like…schedule 30 minutes-1 hour a week to yourself and honor it like you would an important meeting

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

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