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Ask Sparkles…
If you are my friend and you are reading this, life is GOOD! We spent the holidays trying to find the best gift(s) for our family and friends and because they already have everything they need AND most of what they want, this is a challenging task. We are lamenting over our gluttonous holiday diets since we spent the holidays making, sharing and EATING amazing food. We haven’t worried where our next meal is coming from in a long time…if ever! We are stressed out at work…although we are paid for our judgment and expertise. We certainly are not out digging ditches in the rain or making burgers and fries for the masses. We are planning and going on our dream vacations. However, this is unsatisfying to us…MORE seems to be a prominent theme in our lives.

PAUSE to remember that life is GOOD! We can’t get caught up in the bigger, better and shinier mantra of retail America. While a new BMW, 1000 extra square feet and a bigger diamond might make you happy…it is only temporary. In the end, YOU are the only person that can make YOU happy and when you are happy you can be happier in your relationships. Commit to:

Me time: Pencil in some “me-time” on a regular basis. Take a yoga class, enjoy a cup of coffee, go for a nice walk or enjoy a hot bath.

Go on a date with your significant other: It doesn’t need to be fancy. Enjoy a quick bite, a drink at a new coffee shop or bar. Take time to strengthen your “couple” time.

Enjoy your friends: Keep it simple! Have friends over for cookies & coffee or wine and cheese. Make spending time together “the event”.

Assess your goods: Take a good look at all the wonderful things you already have…the closet full of clothes and shoes, the full pantry and a car that starts every time. Don’t let your possession’s own you.

Set Goals: Instead of making a cranky resolution for the New Year…set small, attainable goals.
Get healthy
Travel more
Write a book
Get a degree
Remodel or redecorate

Choose to be HAPPY: Happiness is a choice. Choose it! Every day you see people with less making the best out of bad situations.

Wishing you love, health and happiness in 2015…Cheers!

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