Isaac Hoskins

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The town of Denton continues to impress with its density of musical talent. It appears that every night of the week, there are exceptional musicians providing high quality entertainment at an array of cool venues.  Back in Episode 24 of DDB, we introduced you to one of Denton’s finest singer/songwriters, Isaac Hoskins.

He continues to prove himself as not only an accomplished singer and songwriter, but also an amazing presence on stages big and small.  I had the privilege of attending his most recent gig at the Audacity Brew House. The place was packed with a mix of old fans and new Hoskins converts. From the first growl, he provided his fans with a strong mix of classic country and powerful original work. Isaac 1_068

Isaac was in exceptional voice on this particular rainy night in Texas and worked the room like a seasoned pro. I continue to be impressed with his ability to effortlessly shift from gentle ballads to gritty back woods country and rock. If you have not yet become familiar with this talented troubadour, do so immediately. Your life will be better for it. His music can be found on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon

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