Sarah Carrino

Living in Denton, we have a glut of independently produced music released nearly every week. With the prolific nature of the area’s song writers, it is often hard to separate the sonic wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, in February of 2019 a standout emerged. Sarah Carrino’s freshman album, Old Maid dropped with a force that demanded attention. This Denton musician by way of St. Louis, has definitely brought the soulful spirit of the mighty Mississippi to bear on this record (Her bio doesn’t list Louisiana, but I know there’s a connection there for certain. She spelled Poydras correctly). 

As I progressed through the tracks, I was struck by the seamless blending of Tennessee mountain bluegrass and soulful delta blues. This tapestry of cross-genre stylings is prominent throughout her songs. It shouldn’t have surprised this listener, given that Carrino surrounded herself with Denton All Stars for this project(Andy Rogers producer and Banjo Savant and Jesse Thompson from Levi and the Big Smoke) As you begin digesting the tracks, songs like “Can’t Buy Honesty” gives a sub 3 minute lesson on the woes of relationships, with just the right amount of snark. Sarah’s story telling talents come to bear on “Put the Hammer Down.” This darker tune, revealed a glimpse into her willingness to be intimate with her audience. It also may give us a bit of a preview into future artistic development. 

Overall, Old Maid takes the listener on a solid musical road trip through the mountains, fields and emotional landscapes of this local songwriter.  Not only has Sarah produced a wonderful collection of bite sized songs that are perfect for an afternoon of whiskey drinking, but they also set the stage for a good old fashioned back yard Hootenanny.

Add this album to your collection immediately.  We will do a full review on Episode 259 of Denton Dallas and Beyond

Sarah Carrino’s music can be found at Amazon, Bandcamp and Spotify

Information regarding Old Maid

Produced by Andy Rogers. 

All songs written, composed, and co-produced by Sarah Carrino. 

Music performed by Brian Wright (Guitar), Andy Rogers (Banjo, Dobro, Percussion, Harmonies); Jesse Thompson (Bass), Steven Sellers (Mandolin), Sharla Franklin (Fiddle, Harmonies), and Sarah Carrino (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica). 

Recorded by Civil Audio, (12/1/18 -12/4/18). 

Audio Engineered by Michael Briggs. 

Artwork by Mary Wilson. 

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