Hiro’s Table

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Hiro’s Table released in late 2018, documents the life and career of master chef Hiroji Obayashi and his wife Yasuyo. The film which spans over a decade and a half, highlights Hiroji’s dedication to producing precision dishes that capture the essence of his Japanese roots. Hiro’s Table evolves and expands into a story that is more than the sum of its parts. Not only do you get a glimpse into the blinding pace of a commercial kitchen, but the viewers are also pulled into a tale about an immigrant family as they navigate the overwhelming demands of the restaurant world. The film’s director Lynn Hamrick, highlights the strength that Hiroji drew from his wife and children and the dramatic tolls that the business can take on families. 

Hiro’s Table skillfully captured Chef Obayashi’s beginnings in the U.S., and his rising popularity and recognition as a world class culinary genius. The film provides an insightful look at the enormous power food has to affect lives in positive and negative ways. As the story transitions to Hiro’s later years, we get a clear picture of a resilient family forever changed by the culture of the culinary world. 

2018 | USA | 55 MIN | Texas Premiere

Saturday, April 13 / 11:30AM / Alamo Drafthouse 1
Sunday, April 14 / 12:00PM / Alamo Drafthouse 8

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