Alexandra Tayara

Alexandra Tayara’s new album “Love You Always,” has been stuck in my brain since the first listen. This record is packed with angsty, longing and lovely vocals. There is a tender yet dark vulnerability to her writing, that is punctuated by her mezzo-soprano range. Listeners are quickly drawn into compelling narratives that ebb and flow from light hearted tales of love to longing and loss. The deceptively simple sounding guitar progressions provide a complementary layer to the lyrical framework. 

It’s a challenge to place this Denton-Based artist in a single genre. So instead, I’ll say this is a record worthy of a quiet evening on your back porch with a nice bottle of whiskey. If that’s not your thing, go catch one of her live shows and prepare yourself to be transcended to a beautiful mental space. I had the pleasure of hearing her perform at Mulberry Street Cantina in Denton during Thin Line, and was very excited by what I heard.  

From tracks like Jenny to Side Chick, you can feel the experiences that have shaped this budding songwriters style. There is a great deal of self-reflection in many of Alexandra’s songs. They are very suggestive of a much older and seasoned songwriter.  This young musician seems to have packed many life lessons into just a few short years. “Love You Always” is a solid album from beginning to end.  I look forward to seeing this young artist grow and continue to produce beautiful tunes.    

For more information on Alexandra’s upcoming shows, check out her website and Facebook group.  Her album Love You Always can be found on Spotify and purchased through iTunes 

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