The Morose Society

The Morose Society is a Texas-based group, who recently released its self-titled EP. The band utilizes lush acoustic instrumentation, which is blended with sweet vibrato-laden vocals to lull their audience into a false sense of musical security. Lyrically, the tunes quickly move off the path of least resistance, and the listener ends up on a wild ride through a whirlwind of angst. At moments you are listening to progressions that feel like torch songs with an Irish folky feel, but they rapidly evolve into what can be described as trippy pseudo-show tunes. 

If you are looking for an album with a divergent intertwining of chordal rhythms and lyrical frameworks, this is the one for you. As the tracks progress, one can imagine the arrangements perfectly pairing with a John Waters theatrical production. From Baloo My Darling Boy to PIPW the song’s build to an emotional frenzy that can not be ignored. If you are ready to shake off the cobwebs of modern day pop, give this EP a listen.   

Bio: The Morose Society came into being from a four-year-dormant idea and the need for closure in Austin, TX. Through the stark combination of the power of technology, cunning manipulation and blackmail, singer/songwriter/piano player/Buddy Rich impersonator Jillian Holbert wrangled Maddy Brotherton (violin), Julie Carter (cello), Chris Daily (bass) and Corbin Young (drums) together despite their numerous other non-misery-inducing projects. A recording to memorialize this madness is currently in the works.

Facebook: @theMoroseSociety

Instagram: @the.morose.society

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The Morose Society

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