Four Points in a Square

Having been a long time resident of Downtown Denton, I have met a large number of people and experienced many of the things that this town has to offer. Rarely will a week go by without hearing an intriguing story or learning a new lesson that should have been taught years prior. With that said, I’d like to offer a few nuggets of wisdom that I have gleaned from these experiences. 

1. Every road in town leads to a bar, but you get to decide if you want to stop the car.   

This town is littered with pubs, bars, dives, hangouts, gastropubs, breweries, craft cocktail parlors and every iteration in between. It seems that everywhere you look, folks are heading to or from a bar. It is very easy to fall into this lifestyle and a whole lot of fun. Bars provide opportunities to meet others and the social lubricant to propel conversations in many weird and wild directions. It may seem like you are manifesting social magic in the moment, but it may just be an illusion of inebriation. Remember to keep all things in perspective and balanced.  Try not to confuse acquaintances with folks in your life that acknowledge your flaws and care for you in spite of them (It’s also a bonus if friends are willing to help you move).  

2. Who hasn’t thought about opening their own restaurant?  Thoughts are fine but restaurants are hard!    

If you think you want to open a restaurant or retail business, talk to industry people that are doing it, or the ones that have done it. ASK QUESTIONS (Why did they do it, would they do it again if given another option, what would they have done different, what have they learned from their experiences?) The service industry can be a gold mine for social and financial profit.  However, it can also be the shaft that hopes and dreams go down to die. I have seen so many wonderful people sink their hearts and souls into places, that for one reason or another are simply not sustainable. Be sure to bring your A game if you plan to trek down this pathway.  

3. The music scene is rich in culture but humble on wages and financial reward. 

For years denton has reaped the benefits of a deep pool of quality musicians. Every genre of music is available to our townsfolk, on any given day of the week.  We have come to expect nothing but the best whenever we drop our $7-$0 cover charge in the til of local venues. Nothing comes without a price. The musicians and entertainers of Denton appreciate and deserve our support and respect. Be kind to them, tell them you dig their music, buy their merch and spread the word about some of your favorite performers.  

4. A square really can’t fit where a circle should be.  

Finally, at its most base level, a town is no more than a series of formulaic streets and oddly placed buildings. Denton would truly be empty of soul and salvation without the special people that inhabit it. If you have one person in your life that would follow you down through the flames of your flawed humanity, you are lucky. If you have more than one, you have truly been blessed by the karmic gods. Reach out to those special individuals as frequently as you can. Let them know you appreciate and love them. Elevate those around you that may not even recognize they are faltering. Reflect and acknowledge that we do have something special in our town, and there is a price to pay to keep it. Let kindness, honesty and courage be the currency of better days for all of us.  

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