Episode 7 Reviews

Cowboy Chicken:  4 Stars (out of 5)-By Edwin

The newest location of this very casual chicken house is awesome. They specialize in

serving wood fire rotisserie chicken and various chicken based dishes.  The chicken dishes include wood fire chicken, grilled chicken, chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos, chicken sandwiches, chicken tortilla soup and chicken salads. They also have a few desserts and a kids menu. We went there Sunday afternoon and the restaurant was packed. The staff was friendly and helpful and the line (which almost went out the door) moved surprisingly quickly. Our food also came out in about 5 minutes. The employees were all hustling around cleaning and delivering food and the place seemed organized and working very efficiently. I had the enchilada plate with rice and beans (see pic) and my wife and I shared the 1/2 chicken with sides of Mac & cheese, twice baked potatoes and corn fritters (see pics). Everything tasted fresh and delicious. My chicken enchiladas were unbelievably good and so were the twice baked potatoes. The ambiance was casual and a lot of the wall decorations consisted of newspaper write-ups they have received and menu items.  We’ll definitely be back. Food-5 stars, service (it’s mostly self service)-4 stars, chicken house ambiance-4 stars, value-4 stars.

Chicago Brewing Company:  4 Stars (out of 5)-By Edwin

This review is only for beer and cigars at the Chicago Brewing Company.  We stopped in here a couple weeks ago and sat at the bar.  The bartender was super friendly and helpful.  I had the beer sampler (see pic) and all the beers were delicious.  Each one seemed to accurately represent that particular style of brewing.  My favorites were the Ramblin Reck Amber Ale, the Old Town Brown and the IPA.  I also smoked a great cigar at the bar.  The food coming out of the kitchen looked great and next time I’ll definitely eat.  The beer was really outstanding and so was the service.  Chicago Brewing Company is located on the second floor of Four Queens.  I’ve been in the casino many times and never seen the restaurant until the day we went there.  The ambiance is typical neighborhood bar…very comfortable and casual.  I’ll be back at here every time I’m in the downtown area.  Beer-5 stars, Service-4 stars, Ambiance-3 stars, Value-5 stars, Food-no rating.

Maple and Motor: 5 Stars (out of 5 Stars)-by Roux.

4810 Maple Ave
Dallas, TX 75219
Neighborhood: Oak Lawn

Great Burger place in the Oaklawn area

This is a true Burger joint, in the heart of one of the grittier parts of downtown Dallas. It’s got a great vibe, fantastic service and the price is right.  I initially heard about this place from a friend of mine that lived in the Dallas area for a while.  It certainly did not disappoint. The burgers were massive, perfectly cooked and seasoned. They were made of a mix of brisket and ground chuck cooked on a flat top grill. They use a 75/25 ground chuck so you are getting about 25% fat in every beautiful bite. You know you are getting quality ground been and know they trust their product when they ask you if you want it pink or no pink! Very nice touch guys! The vegetables were crisp and fresh and the bacon was thick and crispy. Maple and Motor had about 6 beers on tap including the banquet beer! The fries were crisp on the outside, moist and tender on the inside and perfectly seasoned.

During our dining experience a guy came up to us and asked how the food was and i said amazing. He started talking about their smoker and soon to open BBQ joint down the road. It turned out to be Jack Perkins the owner. He gave us a tour of the new smoker, and provided me with a lot of very interesting information on its inner working and capacity.

This is just classic burger joint that seats about 75 people and they do accept AMEX! It’s clean but intentionally dive-like in ambience. It’s not a fancy place, but they have elevated the art of the burger joint to new heights for certain. Overall, service 5 stars, food 5 stars ambience 5 stars (In a dive like way). 

Japeleno burger with cheese and grilled onions


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