Episode 7 Day of the Dead Festival

The Denton Day of the Dead festival was a very strange but very fun event. The coffin races were most certainly the biggest draw for me. I really enjoyed the variety of coffins and costumes. I spent at least 45 minutes examining the enteries and couldn’t help but wonder how one gets involved in such a ghoulish event. There were many local Denton businesses represented including but not limited to Oak Street Draft House, Hannah’s, Hoochies, Dans Silver Leaf, Seniors in Motion, and even a local Chiropractor. As I mentioned there were an array of coffins ranging from highly stylized entries all the way to cardboard boxes and red wagons. There was even one participant riding down on an adjustment table! Lucky for him too, because when he was about a third of the way down he crashed hard and was likely going to need a quick adjustment.  The community turnout was huge and everyone that I met seemed to be enjoying the entertainment. The best part of the races for me was the running commentary by the MC as well as the big crashes into the hay bales. No injuries were reported but the pride of several riders was most certainly bruised.  Only in Denton could you find such an unusual form of entertainment.  I love this town.   

Beatlejuice rides again




 Day of the dead photos by L.Saxon

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