Episode 8 Klyde Warren Park

 The park was built as part of a joint partnership between the city of Dallas, TXDOT, federal grants and a private foundation named the Wooddall Rodgers Park Foundation with an estimated total cost of 106 million dollars.  The foundation will be responsible for the 3 million dollar annual operating cost of the park.  There is free Wifi, nice (but still portable) restrooms, it’s dog friendly and restaurants will be open in 2013.






 Each day they have several different types of activities schedules from Skyline tours, Mah Jongg lessons (Similar to Rummy but with tiles instead of cards), mid-day piano playing, exercise classes, a putting green, after work music and even  monthly movie screenings (Midnight in Paris.)  The park foundation is already doing a great job of lining up an eclectic selection of art events over the course of the year.  There has been a lot of planning that has gone into this park from the lay out, to the maintenance, entertainment and cultural offerings.  They are also well funded which should help with the upkeep of the park. 








Dallas really needed additional green space and they have gotten this right.  It’s only about a ½ mile from Victory park area which is great considering that is generally our starting point when we head to Dallas. I can’t wait to go back to this park with my picnic basket, unmarked box of wine and just relax and enjoy this space. 


For more information on the park as well as ways that you can help support this amazing space go to: http://www.woodallrodgerspark.org/


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