Winter Essentials

Baby it’s cold outside…

Three winter essentials everyone needs:

  • A nice jacket-for men and women it is important to have a nice jacket that will not only keep you warm but also keep you looking stylish! Choose a fabric that will keep you warm in your current location. You can always layer if you need added warmth. A wool coat or cashmere blend will fit the bill of warm and stylish.
  • Black boots-invest in a great pair of black boots of medium heel size. These can be a very versatile addition to your wardrobe. They can be paired with a dress, slacks or jeans. A good pair of boots will keep you warm and stylish. Again, stay clear of trendy!
  • A great scarf-choose a scarf made from a nice fabric and of decent weight to keep you warm. To keep it versatile, choose a neutral color. A scarf can make any outfit classy.

Essentials: These pieces require an investment up front…this is not a time to be frugal or trendy. Save “trendy” for accessories. If you invest in quality pieces and take proper care of them, they can last for many years. Consider the “essentials” the husbands of clothing!

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