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DDB Ep. 177 Mind Spiders

In episode 177 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we clear up a few rumors regarding Denton restaurants, as well as promote a little known happy hour deal (So little known, the…
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DDB Ep. 98 Roux and the Unicorn

In episode 98 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, we revisit an old mollusk hang out and talk about the free summer concert series at Unicorn Lake. As we move to Dallas,…
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Hoochies is back!

Hoochies is back and open for business at their brand new location on 214 East Hickory. I truly have missed this place and completely dig the new location.  This premiere oyster…
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DDB Ep. 77 Drunkcasso

Episode 77 Denton Dallas and Beyond In this week’s episode we discuss some tantalizing openings and moves in the Denton area.  As we head to Dallas, Sparkles and Edwin captivate…
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