Orgasm by NARS: Is the hype FAKE or REAL?

Its sheer name raises eyebrows but NARS cheek color (blush) in Orgasm is a cult classic. Beauty bloggers, stylists, celebrities and everyday women have fallen head over heels for this shade…and why wouldn’t they…the shade is intended to give a woman the post-coitus glow! I find it extremely apropos that is meant to look great on every woman regardless of skin color.

I too spent the 90s and early 2000s with big hair and big make-up which included different, bold eye shadows, heavy eyeliners and well blushed cheeks. The cosmetic arsenal was BIG!

Then came the minimalist movement…and I decided to give it a whirl. For the record, the minimalist look can take as long or longer to achieve than big New Year’s Eve make-up. However, the minimalist look does highlight a woman’s natural beauty. A woman’s true beauty comes from the little things that are unique to her.

When I first heard of the shade Orgasm, I thought it was too trendy; it was a fad that would pass…NARS was using the name for shock value to sell a product. Therefore, I was late to the party but like all good parties, it was still going strong when I arrived.

Orgasm is the perfect blending of pink and peach with a light shimmer. On my tannest days, it highlights my cheekbones with a slight iridescence that is pure perfection when the light hits my cheeks. In fall and winter it gives my cheeks a hue that makes me want to sing, “…our cheeks are nice and rosy…”

I LOVE, LOVE this shade. IF you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl! For those of you bold enough to try NARS cheek color in Super Orgasm (I know, I know) it is slightly more pinkish with a little more shimmer.

I fell so deeply in love with this cheek color that I decided to turn my fling into a long-term relationship…I was dying to try the rest of the line. Where have you been all my life?

My Everyday Minimalist Look (in 10 minutes or less):

NARS cream to powder foundation in Tahoe
NARS illuminator (this product is AMAZING) in Orgasm
NARS cheek color in Orgasm
NARS lip gloss in Como

Make this look dramatic by adding your favorite bold eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick.

I love trying new things so if there is something specific you’d like me to research…please let me know! XO

2 thoughts on “Orgasm by NARS: Is the hype FAKE or REAL?

  1. Where did you buy yours? I know it can be purchased at Sephora, but anywhere in Denton? I am dying to try the blush!

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